These video testimonials were all voluntered, no incentive was provided.

- Jessica, Durham UK

2:15 - Knee Injury: Jessica is a professional soccer player for Durham County, England.

- Jim, West Australia

1:30 - Low Back: Jim is a long distant truck driver using Oska to keep in on the road. 


- Christine, West Australia

0:33 - Low Back: Christine uses Oska to treat lower back and shoulder pain.

- Gisela, West Australia

1:10 - Scoliosis: Gisela just loves her Oska Pulse. She uses it for treating chronic back pain.

- Kristy, USA

0:23 - Mid Back: Kristy suffered chronic pain from bulging disks in her back.


- Dorothea, West Australia

0:31 - Back & Shoulder: Dorothea is another Oska Pulse user treating back and shoulder pain. 

- Doris, West Australia

00:16 - Back and Elbow pain: Doris uses Oska to treat pain in her back and Elbow.

- Channel Seven News

01:33 - A Channel Seven news clip worth watching.


- Anne Collins, USA

00:52 - Low Back: Anne is a teacher on her feet almost all day. 


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