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While the OSKA Pulse is manufactured in the USA, the science and technology underpinning the development of OSKA Pulse is all done here at Medic Technology International Pty. Ltd. in Perth, Western Australia. We are humbled and proud that the OSKA Pulse is registered as a Medical Device with the FDA (USA) and TGA (Aust), and now sold world wide.


Accidentally falling four metres, Michael Hawker, an electronics technician with experience in medical equipment, fractured several ribs and all the small bones in his wrist. His surgeon expressed the importance of exercise once the pins and plaster cast had been removed, stressing how vital activity is to the natural healing processes. He explained that exercise produces an electrical potential across cell membrane, allowing the exchange of essential ions necessary for cellular regeneration. Pain resulting from injury or degenerative conditions may inhibit physical exercise, slowing the healing process.

Michael remembered the surgeon’s explanation when he learned of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology (PEMFT) three years later and decided to deeply research the area. He put together a team that included biomedical scientist Jayde Riggins, electronics and software engineer Ian Rumble, and his wife Shirley Hawker, an ex-nurse.

A prototype was developed and taken to the USA for evaluation. Twelve months later, OSKA Pulse was released. It’s now manufactured and distributed in the USA and Australia with agencies in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong and India.

The Crew

Ian Rumble

Shirley Hawker is the co-founder of Medic Technology and has been at the 'coal-face' of our business, providing customer support for over 19 years.

Jayde Riggins BSc. provides scientific evaluation and support to all biotech content.

While Michael Hawker designed the OSKA Pulse, he was ably supported by Electronics engineer, the late Ian Rumble.

Our company - Medic Technology International Pty. Ltd., is proud of OSKA Pulse and all it is achieving.

In 2017 our technology won TechCo's Startup of the Year and in 2018, the MedTech Breakthrough Award for the best new technology solution in pain management.

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